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Benefits of These Fall Vegetables

Fall is one of the best times to eat seasonal vegetables, considering the abundance of root vegetables, squashes, and hearty greens that are available. Vegetables are important to eat because they’re some of the best sources of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Health benefits associated with fall vegetables include: Helping fight inflammation and free radical […]

15 Foods for Heart Health

Now you know how important diet is for heart health. So what are the specific foods you should be eating if you want to support your heart health?

Top 4 Supplements To Improve Sleep

Although I wouldn’t consider a reliance on supplements for sleep a healthy practice, there are some supplements that can improve the body’s own ability to induce sleep. When it comes down to it, sleep is a regulatory cycle in the body. By using substances that improve the body’s ability to regulate itself, sleep can actually be improved over time and not just when the substance is being used. With that said, here are the best supplements to improve sleep quality.

Vegetable Oil

There are two important concepts to understand when it comes to fat consumption. Having a healthy Omega-3:Omega-6 ratio is important for controlling inflammation in the body and regulating metabolism (1). Also, your brain and the myelin that surrounds your nerves is primarily made of fats.

Consuming highly processed vegetable oils contributes to disease by neglecting both important concepts.

More Veggies Please!

Grandma was right — eating your vegetables is one of the best things you can do for your health. Science tells us over and over again that consumption of vegetables, especially those leafy greens, is associated with a lower risk of chronic disease (especially cardiovascular disease) and better mental health!

Foods For The Immune System

As temperatures get cooler, do you want to know how to optimize your immune system? Discover some of the best foods for immunity support and which supplements you might want to take. The right foods can help you avoid falling victim to colds and flu this year!

Are You Getting Enough Magnesium?

Are you near a AA battery? If so, pick it up and feel its weight.
That’s roughly how much of the mineral magnesium you have in your body – about 25 grams, or a little less than an ounce. Magnesium has many health benefits, and plays a vital role in many bodily functions, yet it gets almost no press compared to its more famous buddies, iron and calcium.